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We have seen 500 companies come and go.  When the company goes, so does the warranty.

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"Thank you for the dry basement, it gives the whole house a new feeling." - Mrs. Shurley, Melbourne, KY

"My best Christmas present was a dry basement." - Mrs. Frieman, Hamilton

"Thank you for drying us out so well." - Nate, Anderson Township

"Thank you for a nice job and a dry basement." - Mr. Rehkamp, Cheviot

"After hearing a recommendation on the radio, I knew you had to be good...but performance exceeded my fondest expectations." - R. Clauch, West Chester

Leaky Basements

When the ground under or around the house is wet, water can seep into the basement through cracks and open joints in the foundation walls or floor slab.

Water seeping or leaking through the foundation walls is due to a hydrostatic pressure being exerted on the walls by saturated soil.  An expensive solution would be to excavate down to the footer and waterproof the walls by hand.  The cost, however, involved in excavating around the entire foundation and relocating trees, shrubberies, decks, patios, and drives is excessive.
Vulcan’s answer is our patented pressure sealing system.  Which requires NO digging, our eco-friendly sealant is pumped into the ground close to the foundation wall.  The sealant is suspended in the soil and brought into the wall surface with the ground water.
For water accumulation around and under the foundation, an interior treatment includes sealing the cracks and installing a drainage system along the foundation footing, below the floor slab, that discharges into a sump pit.
So a complete waterproofing service would be to seal the exterior walls, seal the interior cracks, install inside drainage and a sump pump.  Vulcan does all this, and at a much lower cost than excavating.