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We have seen 500 companies come and go.  When the company goes, so does the warranty.

We are third generation family owned and operated company.  We are not a franchise.

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"Thank you for the dry basement, it gives the whole house a new feeling." - Mrs. Shurley, Melbourne, KY

"My best Christmas present was a dry basement." - Mrs. Frieman, Hamilton

"Thank you for drying us out so well." - Nate, Anderson Township

"Thank you for a nice job and a dry basement." - Mr. Rehkamp, Cheviot

"After hearing a recommendation on the radio, I knew you had to be good...but performance exceeded my fondest expectations." - R. Clauch, West Chester

Go Green With Vulcan Waterproofing!


Our basement waterproofing system features the most ecologically safe and environmentally friendly approach to protecting your basement from leaks or seepage. Vulcan uses a non-toxic, no VOC sealant to waterproof the walls from the outside.  We use eco-friendly products, whenever possible, that will stand the test of time. Vulcan uses electric jack hammers not gas/diesel powered hammers that create excess dust in your basement.  The sump pumps we install are of the best quality and more energy efficient compared to other models. Vulcan is continuing to be more environmentally responsible at its offices and on the job.


We our happy to give you advise on keeping your basement dry while keeping the environment and your budget in mind. Vulcan offers environmentally friendly options for residential rain water control.  Vulcan will install rain catching barrels to your current downspouts. Vulcan’s master gardeners can build rain gardens using native plants. Native plants when planted in their native region are drought, flood and pest resistant, giving you a beautiful and eco-friendly yard.


Eco-Friendly ways to get rid of that wet basement smell: 


The damp basement smell, which is caused by mold and mildew, is a horrible thing. You can get rid of it without resorting to chemicals, however.

Clean It Out

Clean everything out of the basement and into the backyard. This is quite a job, but you’ll get rid of old carpet and cardboard that’s contributing to the damp basement smell. Not only does it accomplish that, but it also gives you blank surfaces you can clean.


Vinegar will get rid of most mold and mildew, and the scent will clear in just a few minutes. You can pour it on areas with heavy mold buildup and then scrub hard to remove most of the traces.

Lemon Juice

Mix lemon juice with water for a strong and sweet cleaning solution. It can tackle many forms of mold, but will also clean unaffected areas and take out the damp basement smell, replacing it with a natural lemon scent.

Baking Soda

Spreading baking soda over an affected area will soak up the damp basement smell. Be aware, though, that you’ll still need to clean the area.

Soap and Water

Finishing up by cleaning with a good natural soap and water will remove the last remnants of the mold, which will take away the damp basement smell permanently.